Month: May 2021

legal wax seal of Notary public in Spanish inheritance

What is the role of the Notary public in Spanish inheritance processing?

The notary guarantees the legitimacy of the documents in which it intervenes, for this reason, it provides citizens with legal security in the extrajudicial sphere. He is a public official whose intervention makes private documents…
Screen of Blocking of inheritance bank accounts

Blocking of bank accounts after the death of the account holder

What happens with the blocking of bank accounts due to the death of the account holder? When someone dies, it is usually their family members who report it to the bank. The bank should not…
Spanish inheritance puzzle pieces with right hand breaking the line

Resignation of a Spanish inheritance

In many cases, the heirs simply cannot afford the taxes and expenses that they must pay when receiving property as inheritance and decide to give up their Spanish inheritance. However, this option is also subject…