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inherited property in Spain registry

Registering a inherited property in Spain with the Property Registry

What documents are necessary to register an inheritance in the Property Registry? After the death of a loved one, and once the period of mourning is over, the heirs must face the no less complicated…
Last Will Act Certificate in Spain

What is the Certificate of Last Will?

You should know that the so-called Last Will Act Certificate (Certificado de Ultima Voluntad in Spanish) is an essential document in any succession. Through this Certificate of Last Wills you will be able to know…
legal wax seal of Notary public in Spanish inheritance

What is the role of the Notary public in Spanish inheritance processing?

The notary guarantees the legitimacy of the documents in which it intervenes, for this reason, it provides citizens with legal security in the extrajudicial sphere. He is a public official whose intervention makes private documents…